Will Maya Return?

Will Maya Return?

Mayawati's walking out from Mahagathbandhan is likely to have the adverse affect on anti-Modi camp. Given that BSP-SP-Congress trio had fought together in UP in the by-polls and shown stars to the ruling BJP, the exit of Maya may have huge impact in Uttar Pradesh - the largest and crucial state in the country - if not in other states. Since UP is prominent in the coming Parliament elections, naturally, Maya quitting the grand alliance is seen as a big set back to the efforts of Congress to unite Opposition against Modi.

It all began with the seat-sharing differences between BSP and Congress which led to verbal diatribes. While BSP is expecting more seats from Congress in UP and also in Madhya Pradesh, Congress leadership at the states isn't willing to give away its seats. Digvijay Singh had added more fuel to the ongoing fire by stating that Mayawati is afraid of the CBI cases being probed by the BJP-led government.

Angry Maya has come down heavily on Congress and stated that Congress party is not serious about fighting against Modi. Maya said the 'head-strong' nature of Congress won't work and said several leaders of Congress at state-level are working against Mahagathbandhan. She further alleged that Congress wants to "finish" the BSP.

However, the national leadership of Congress is hopeful of persuading Maya in order to keep its flock intact. But it's easier said than done. Mayawati has already taken a hard strong on Congress and announced that it would go on its own in the coming elections. She stated that her party is important for her than winning the election. With this, Maya made it clear that protecting her party comes top priority for her than defeating Modi.

But, Congress hasn't given up its hopes yet. Senior leaders like Kamalnath are all still soft on BSP hoping that these issues would resolve amicably in the coming days. Given that Sonia and Rahul have good rapport with Maya, the grand old party is still hoping that Maya would return to Mahagathbandhan. One has to wait and watch, what's in store.