Mahatma In Our Hearts

Mahatma In Our Hearts

Gandhi! This name has numerous connotations today! But, each one of us rnduring our school days would have studied about one Gandhi, whom we all rncalled the 'Father of our nation'. But, some of us would have rnsubsequently ridiculed the character, knowingly or unknowingly. There rnhave been satirical comments, silly jokes, abuses hurled at - Mohandas rnKaramchand Gandhi.

Over the years, numerous times I heard badly about rnGandhi, I actively participated in those discussions to ridicule 'The rnFather'. Today I feel it takes great amount of maturity to understand rnwhat Mahatma Gandhi stood for. Even today I come across some young boys rnand girls in late teens or early twenties, speak about Mahatma Gandhi inrn poor light. But, now I smile at them and only feel it will take few rnmore years for these to understand meaning of Mahatma!

I today rnfeel, the more we read and understand the importance of Freedom and rnFreedom struggle of the past, the more we realize the value of Mahatma rnGandhi and his sacrifice. Not a hugely successful barrister, not a rnserious politician, a failed father, a highly emotional character, is rnwhat describes Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi! In the times of poor rncommunication systems, Gandhi was able to bring individual forces acrossrn the length and breadth of India fight for a common goal and with a rncommon agenda called, Non-violence!

Many characteristics and rnsacrifices of Mahatma who has put 'Mother India' before self will be rnrealized only when we understand his fight to free our country from the rnforced clutches, so that the next generations like us could breadth in rnfree air! Knowing Mahatma teaches us the fact that you don't need a rnmajor national crisis to fight for our rights, even 'salt' can be a goodrn reason to stand up for what is right!

Knowing Mahatma teaches usrn the fact that you don't need to be in power, even staying in an ashram rnone can rule the hearts forever! Today, on October 2nd, I recall a rnfamous dialogue from a movie which says 'you don't have to name streets,rn roads, towns after him to remember him, as long as you keep Mahatma in rnyour hearts'!

- Raghav