Revealed! Kohli and his Nine Tattoos

Revealed! Kohli and his Nine Tattoos

Apart from runs and centuries, Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli is known for his tattoos. Overall he has nine tattoos and he revealed about each in National Geographic channel's 'Mega Icons' episode.

Speaking Kohli said, he is crazy about tattoos right from his childhood which will give a distinctive appeal to an individual. 'The tattoo of Lord Siva on his elbow will resemble his journey and that's special one,' said Kohli.

When he was three-years old, Kohli's parents, Prema and Saroj, made him pick up a cricket bat and as love towards his father and mother, he got their names tattooed. Kohli also got inked the numbers 175 and 269 which are his ODI and Test caps respectively.

Apart from that, he got the tattoo of cricket pitch in the form of a math. The other tattoos include a tribal symbol that resembles his attitude, his zodiac sign, Scorpio, Japanese Samurai tattoo on his left hand and on his right hand, God's eye which stands for being fearless, honest and religious. God's eye tattoo is Kohli's most favourite one and on that he got 'OM' symbol inked as well.

Well, that's a whole lot of explanation, Kohli gave for each tattoo. He might go for few more in future.