Pranay's Wife Serious Warning To Trolls

Pranay's Wife Serious Warning To Trolls

Amrutha, the widowed wife of Pranay, who lost his life in an honour killing, has breathed fire on the online trolls.

Giving a serious warning to all the trolls who are passing abusive comments against her and her deceased husband, Amrutha threatened to file a police complaint and make sure the trolls would be punished based on their IP numbers.

She said she wouldn't spare anyone for passing such comments on her. Amrutha has also asked all the children of parents who are supporting the honour killing to stay away from their parents.

Responding to trolls that she would marry Pranay's brother, Amrutha ruled out that she wouldn't marry anyone. She said Pranay's brother is like her own brother and stated that she is focusing on her future baby.

Amrutha said she doesn't know about her father and his links with various people as she said she know him only how he is with her. Amrutha said she had seen several news reports against his father Maruthi Rao about his alleged land deals but she said she had no clue then whether they were right or wrong. She said she had never expected that her father would do this to her and Pranay.

Meanwhile, no-holds-barred questions from YouTube anchors are also embarrassing and irking Amrutha and her supporters who are expecting some support at this difficult time.