'Small Men Occupying Big Offices'

'Small Men Occupying Big Offices'

A day after New Delhi canceled the bilateral meeting scheduled to happen in New York next week between both countries' Foreign ministers, Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter in a Trump-ish fashion and made the verbal attack.

The meeting was canceled by the Indian authorities on Friday following disturbing developments where three J&K policemen were killed on the same day. However, the former playboy cricketer-turned-politician Khan tweeted disappointment on the following day and termed this response by the Indian authorities as an arrogant and negative one.

Khan followed it with "However, all my life I have come across small men occupying big offices who do not have the vision to see the larger picture" to conclude his twitter rant. Although Khan made his feelings very clear, he did not name who the "small men occupying big offices" were.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs retorted that Khan's twitter language had revealed to the world the "true face" of Pakistan's new Prime Minister in the first few months in Office.

Sharat Sabharwal, the former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, tweeted that IFS would not draft such election-oriented statement or take such flip-flop decisions and that it seemed like the handiwork of brawny, muscular thinking than brains.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry also weighed in, expressing that it was deeply disappointed at the reference to Pakistan's Prime Minister Khan and said that the comments were against all norms of civilized discourse and diplomatic communication.

The statement also alleged that India's reasons for canceling the bilateral talks were entirely unconvincing as the aforementioned "disturbing developments" would have been a reference to the killing of a BSF Soldier two days before India announced of Her agreement to the meeting.

While Pakistani authorities continue to rejecting any allegations of involvement regarding the three J&K Policemen's murders, they have offered to step-up for a joint investigation into it.

Amidst all this, there are also speculations that the release of postage stamps of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in July could have been a contributory factor that led to the cancellation of these talks.

Despite the talks being canceled, both countries' Foreign Ministers will be attending the informal SAARC meeting in New York next week where Swaraj is expected to head the Indian delegation and raise the issue of cross-border terrorism while Qureshi would head the Pakistani side to raise the issue of Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Army Chief Major Gen Ghafoor alleged that India was trying to divert the attention from the domestic problem by calling off talks and resorting to baseless propaganda.

He claimed that the Pakistani Army is a professional institution and that they were not involved in the mutilation of the BSF Soldier. "We need to maintain peace in the region and it should not be misconstrued as weakness. India should not resort to warmongering" he said.