Shame! CBSE Topper Gangraped

Shame! CBSE Topper Gangraped

While the Nation is trying to prevent another Nirbhaya from happening again, a similar gang-rape incident took place only a few hours from the country's capital city.

A 19-year-old student from Haryana was kidnapped and raped by a gang of perpetrators while she was on her way to her tuition. The victim, who is also a CBSE-topper and was hailed on the Republic Day for topping her exams, was raped after the kidnappers spiked her drink with sedatives.

It is reported that the kidnappers took turns and raped the victim and left her in an unconscious state at a local bus stop where she was found by her family.

The initial complaint was filed against three youths-Manish, Nishu and Pankaj as a Zero FIR at the Rewari Women's Police Station by the victim's family.

A complaint was transferred the following morning and a regular FIR was filed at the Police Station whose jurisdiction covers Kanina village in Mahendragarh district where the crime took place. Saroj Bala, who holds charge of the Women's Police Station, confirmed the FIR being filed against three youths and that they hail from Kanina as well.

The victim's mother has alleged that they had to go from one Police Station to the next due to Police's refusal to initially file a complaint and had to endure it all as the accused had threatened to kill if they reported the crime. She said how could Modi's slogan ‘Beti bachao beti padhao' work when the police haven't taken any action to get them justice.