Infosys slapped with lawsuit by an ex-worker

Infosys slapped with lawsuit by an ex-worker

Infosys, the second largest IT company of India, is slapped with a lawsuit by a former employee Anuj Kapoor who is unhappy about his unpaid salary for 1000 hours of overtime. Mr. Kapoor, a former employee Infosys, worked for a CVS project in Rhode Island.

In his legal suit, Anuj alleged that Infosys has made him work 11 hours in a day but only paid him for 8 hours and denied to bill him for 'overtime'. Also, Anuj claimed that his manager warned him of sending back to India if he failed to work for 40 hours in a week. Speaking of extra work without billing, Anuj said : 'my manager asked me to spend additional hours without billing since the company was in race to replace an outside firm as primary vendor for the client.'

But, Infosys in its application with US Department of Labor mentioned Anuj as a salaried employee even though he is an hourly worker with H1-B visa.

The Bangalore headquartered company encountered similar case in 2008 where it ended up paying $26 million to California Division of Labour Stanford's Enforcement to settle an investigation on 'unpaid overtime'.

On other hand, the wage and hour Dept in Rhode Island state has began the initial investigation on the lines that Infosys is filing for H1-B work visas under 'exempt salaried' category and making use of its employees as non-exempt hourly workers.