Sidhu's Tweets : Modi & Co Fails To Counter

Sidhu's Tweets : Modi & Co Fails To Counter

Narendra Modi had heavily relied on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook to storm to power in 2014. Four years later, Modi & Co seems to be losing the battle online. Especially in Karnataka, tech-savvy CM Siddaramaiah and his team is seems to be sending jitters to Modi and Amit Shah.

No doubt, Modi and Shah are good orators. But, Sidhu is giving befitting counters to them in his own way. Be it in his public speeches or on his Twitter platform, Siddaramaiah's remarks are giving sleepless nights to Modi.

While Modi continues to hurl barbs such as "seedha rupaiah sarkar" to target him, Siddaramaiah lashed out at him for making "personal attacks" and speaking at a "low level". The prime minister was using a language that did not befit the office he held, the Congress leader said, taking exception to Modi calling his dispensation a "10 per cent government" and "seedha rupaiah sarkar" while attacking him over alleged corruption.

Siddaramaiah also mocked the Karnataka unit of BJP, saying it solely depended on the prime minister as regards the May 12 state Assembly polls as it had no leader with a "face value".

"We expected a dignified language from him (Modi). But what he spoke was the BJP's language and not the one of a civilized person. He spoke at a very low level...this is not the language of the prime minister," said Siddaramaiah.

Meanwhile, below are the five takeaways from Siddaramaiah's tweets cornering Modi and Amit Shah.

5 Takeaways from Sidhu's Tweets

Dear PM @narendramodi avare, I am glad you have made corruption an issue in this Election because that is your weakest point. You are making baseless allegations of corruption about our Govt. Can you speak for 5 minutes on the ethics of using the Reddy Bros’ to win an election?

We celebrate Birth Anniversaries of about 30 leader, saints, & builders of Karnataka. PM with eyes on the votes is trying to polarise our society by highlighting one of them: Tipu Sultan. Now who is doing "vote bank politics?"

Poor @AmitShah you are so desperate. Nothing is working. Tippu, Pakistan etc. do not help you. Tell us about how you betrayed people of North Karnataka after promising to resolve Mahadayi.Basavanna has said "don't tell lies." But the #shahoflies cant help himself!

Dear #shahoflies This moped to Audi story is a story. No proof. Under Modi's Govt your son increased his revenues from 50,000 to 80.5 Cr. It is proved with documents. @AmitShah please stop these lies. Tell us what have done for Karnataka? Advice to sell Pakodas does not count.

What Dalits need are not empty outreach strategies like having meals with them. What they need is empowerment with dignity and justice. Will you take affirmative action or will you continue to send your leaders to Dalit homes with packed dinners?