Samantha's Tweet On Harikrishna Turns Controversial

Samantha's Tweet On Harikrishna Turns Controversial

Nandamuri fans are totally devastated with the tragic passing of Harikrishna in a car mishap this morning. Poor Samantha was caught up in Nandamuri fans' fury and became a punching bag due to her ignorance.

While almost all the stars took to social media and expressed condolences and grief over Harikrishna's death, Samantha, obviously oblivious of the tragedy, continued to promote her latest hit 'Irumbu Thirai'. She retweeted a couple of tweets that appreciated her style statement and the movie's success.

This angered the Nandamuri fans, who reprimanded her saying that this is not the right time for promotions and asked her to tweet about Harikrishna. Respecting fans' sentiments, Samantha did tweet, but snowballed into another controversy and it further added fuel to Nandamuri fans' fury.

"#RIPHarikrishna Shocked and saddened. Strength to the family in this difficult time," tweeted Samantha. Within seconds, Nandamuri fans blasted Samantha, telling her to respect the departed veteran by adding 'garu'.

To pacify the angry fans, Samantha deleted the tweet and again posted the same tweet, but this time adding 'garu' in the hashtag. Meanwhile, Samantha's fans tried to convince the Nandamuri fans, saying that the actress is currently in Chennai to promote her upcoming film and that she may not be aware of the tragedy.