US: Telugu Sister Died In Car Crash On Raksha Bandhan

US: Telugu Sister Died In Car Crash On Raksha Bandhan

In a tragic incident, a married Telugu woman has died in a car crash in the US. Udatha Swarna, aged about 30, has died in a car accident in Chicago on Sunday. Swarna hailed from Kusumanchi of Khammam district.

She is the younger daughter of Kusumanchi Raghunatha Rao, a known businessman from Kusumanchi. She had been married to Udatha Kiran Kumar from Vijayawada 10 years ago. Kiran is a software professional who has gone to the US along with family a year ago.

Since it's a weekend and Rakhi festival, Swarna, husband Kiran, their two daughters along with her friend had gone to movie and return they met with accident when an unknown vehincle had hit their car from behind and fled away. The car said to have overturned due to the impact of the collission.

Swarna, who was behind the wheels, was severely injured. Her friend who sat in the front too was injured while husband Kiran and daughters escaped with minor injuries. Swarna, who was rushed to hospital, succumbed to injuries after 4 hours.

Earlier, Swarna had texted her brother Sundeep and wished him on Rakhi. She said to have texted him in the morning saying, "I Miss you Ra" as she was unavailable to tie him Rakhi. She even said to have sent her brother Rakhis online. The family is in deep shock and grief with this unexpected tragedy.