War Between Sri Chaitanya and Narayana On

War Between Sri Chaitanya and Narayana On

The collaboration between two rival educational institutions Sri Chaitanya and Narayana has finally come to an end. Sri Chaitanya's founder & chairman BS Rao has breathed fire on Narayana Educational Institutions for "breaching" the contract and advertising Sri Chaitanya's ranks as Narayana's ranks while briefing the media.

He alleged that Narayana Institutions are faulty claiming  Sri Chaitanya's ranks as Narayana's ranks. BS Rao said with this, the existing 'ChaiNa' (Chaitanya-Narayana) Batch will be suspended immediately.

Meanwhile, Narayana Group too issued a press statement. It said 'ChaiNa' is their brainchild and the concept of 'ChaiNa' was shared with Sri Chaitanya in 2012. Narayana Group alleged that Sri Chaitanya group had not got any national awards before the constitution of 'ChaiNa' batch. It alleged Sri Chaitanya of copying Narayana's concepts and gaining from it.

Sri Chaitanya's director Sushma said their institution has secured All India ranks 1,2,4,5 and 7 in the JEE (Joint Entrance Test for IITs). Stating that Narayana Group is claiming Chaitanya's ranks as their ranks, Sri Chaitanya group threatened Narayana group with a legal action if it doesn't stop. Informing parents that Sri Chaitanya no longer has any relation with Narayana, it requested all parents to notice this. It asked Narayana Group to immediately stop promoting Chaitanya's ranks as its ranks.

Narayana Group too strongly countered the allegations of Sri Chaitanya educational institutions. It said Narayana had started 'SPARC' way back in 2005 and alleged that Sri Chaitanya has copied it. On the whole, the feud between Sri Chaitanya and Narayana has once again begun.

Owing to severe competition, both rivals had come together a few years ago in their interest and started working together. With differences on the rise, they have broken their ties now and is all set to take on each other.