Comedian To Journo: Apologise Or Deposit 100 Cr

Comedian To Journo: Apologise Or Deposit 100 Cr

One of the most celebrated comedians in the country is not working for the silver screen, but he's on TV. None other than Kapil Sharma is the man we are talking about. And from some time, his name is getting associated with some negative news too.

Recently a series of articles including some phone conversations of Kapil Sharma got published on an entertainment website, to support the arguments that the comedian is rude and also not so punctual. With his latest comedy show "Family Time With Kapil Sharma" taken off just after three-episodes, these rumours started flowing big time.

However, Kapil alleged that the so-called journalist is intentionally maligning his name and now sent him a legal notice. He demanded a legal notice from the journalist for such malicious stories and gave him seven days deadline to tender apology on the public domain. If the journalist failed to do so, the legal notice asked him to deposit 100 crores in Defense Fund. Kapil also revealed that the journalist blackmailed him and tried to extort Rs 25 lakhs to not expose those tapes.

What about Kapil's new TV show anyway? He has issued a statement as follows.

"I think I need some me time and need to recuperate. I’ve been working too hard for too long. There is a lot in the pipeline and lot of new exciting projects, which I will talk about soon. The reality right now is that I have worked very hard and I love what I do. I just need some time off and I promise you that I will be entertaining you again, as that is what I thrive on".