No Offers From Bollywood, As I Defy Modi - Prakash Raj

No Offers From Bollywood, As I Defy Modi - Prakash Raj

In the name of #JustAsking, versatile actor-director Prakash Raj has shot several questions to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Ever since the gruesome murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, he upped his ante against BJP and sometimes questioned Congress party as well with his logical yet sensible questions. But at what cost?

Prakash Raj revealed to a media house that since he spoke against PM Narendra Modi, Bollywood is not at all offering him a role. "I've enough money, but the fact is, since I spoke against Narendra Modi, I've no problem in the north but offers are not coming from Bollywood", he shared. He accused that BJP is responsible for whatever is happening to him.

"Since I raised my voice after Gauri's death, they started threatening me, tried to assassinate my character and now trying to stop my work. Definitely, the BJP is behind this" he accused, adding that Narendra Modi has failed on fronts in fulfilling the promises like eradicating black money and creating 2 crores jobs, which he made during election campaigns.

He clearly strikes on the heart of BJP by talking about their Hindutva agenda too. "See what happened to Pakistan when they made one religion as their official one. They are suffering from poverty. Do you want to convert India into the same with your Hindutva agenda?" he asked.

We have to see how BJP folks respond to his fresh questions and allegations.