Other Than Sex, Can We Talk About Cinema?

Other Than Sex, Can We Talk About Cinema?

Directly or indirectly, films and celebrities have a huge impact on the audience. But since the past few weeks, the whole film industry including star heroines and budding artists are openly discussing the topics like casting couch, sex, and allegations on producers and directors with abusive language on small screen.

From leading media houses to social media pages, everyone is discussing the same topics, but why don't the celebrities can show some good things, instead of this inappropriate stuff? is the question now. The media do not realize the good they do but they always manage to capture the negative stuff that gets TRPs.

Other day, actor Raja also spoke about the physical sins he has committed saying the reason that led him to become a Christian pastor. While Madhavi Latha talks about the casting couch, heroine Sri Reddy also regarding the same but with a lot of abusive words. Also, the MAA association has conducted a press meet and discussed it even more on a large scale in the name of condemning a journalist who used filthy language to address actresses.

Is it what they are gonaa talk about all the time? Netizens opine that they could have discussed the good films, like how Tollywood has changed in the past couple of years by giving some feel-good entertainers. Also, some topics like hard work of various crafts, the need for fine technicians and acting talents, could have been discussed.

Almost all the stars are extending topics related to sex, instead of putting a stop to it. Being a celebrity with a huge fan following, they should spread love and goodness rather than bad things.  Isn't it?