Chocolates for Kids, Bidar Villagers Killed Hyderabadi

Chocolates for Kids, Bidar Villagers Killed Hyderabadi

A Whatsapp rumor of child kidnapping in Bidar district of Karnataka sparked off the anger among residents of Murki village. A lynch mob attacked a software engineer and beat him to death and 3 others were seriously injured.

Mohammed Azam, a 32-year old software engineer, and three others were on a road drive & stopped near by Murki village. As per villagers, one among them who was a Qatar national offered chocolates to local children. Assuming that these people have come to kidnap their children by offering chocolates, the Murki villagers gathered and had an altercation with four men.

In some time, these four people made an escape in their car but unfortunately, the villagers caught them after chasing for a while. Soon after catching them, the mob began to brutally lash them according to the eye witnesses.

As soon as police officers arrived there, they found Mohammed Azam was dead & they took three others who're injured to a near by hospital. The injured people who are said to be cousins & friends of Azam are in serious condition. In regard to this killing and attack, the police officials have arrested 32 people including few women.

The brother of victim Azam, Akram, said 'my brother is just a regular guy who's got a 2 year old son and how can they assume him to be kidnapper?'. He also made an appeal to the government to bring an end to such mob killings.