Woman Traveled on Husband's Passport from UK to India

Woman Traveled on Husband's Passport from UK to India

We have seen frustrated passengers and arrogant airlines who trouble each other in many cases earlier, but here is a strange case of a passenger traveled from Manchester to India, about 4200 miles on her husband's passport and the airlines which did not spot the error during check-in or onboarding.

Mrs. Modha traveled to Delhi from Manchester on a business trip with Emirates flight on 23 April, only realized on reaching Delhi that she 'accidentally' picked up her husband's passport. She realized the blunder while filling the immigration form.

One of her relatives reportedly puts the blame on airlines for not checking the passport properly at Manchester airport and Emirates too apologized, admitting that their usual high standards were not followed in this case.

Mrs. Modha was not allowed to enter India and was sent back to Dubai on next available flight. She had to wait in Dubai airport until Emirates got her original passport from Manchester. After a big sigh of relief, the businesswoman then had to book another flight to Delhi.

On a whole, the Manchester Airport said that was airline's responsibility to check identification, Emirates says that they will ensure a review of training for the staff's negligence. Mrs. Modha's relative reportedly said it a huge inconvenience to her trip, but was it just the error from airline's side?