Betting & Gambling to become legal in India?

Betting & Gambling to become legal in India?

Given the fact that high number of people in India are exposed to cricket betting and other gambling activities despite the ban, the Law Commission of India has come up with a new recommendation for the union government. The Law Commission which is responsible for legal reforming in India has on Thursday released a report: 'Legal Framework: Gambling and Sports Betting including Cricket in India'. What does it say? - Read on...

The Law Commission advised government to regulate the betting and gambling under direct and indirect tax regimes. The report further recommends how the government can legalize it - 'Parliament can enact a model law for regulating gambling that may be adopted by the states or in the alternative, Parliament may legislate in exercise of its powers under Articles 249 or 252 of the Constitution. In case legislation is made under Article 252, states other than the consenting states will be free to adopt the same.'

This will be a new source of revenue generation (taxes) for government and attracts more foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country- eventually results in growth of tourism, employment opportunities and hospitality industries.

The report further suggests - 'any individual who's participating in betting/gambling should link their Aadhar & PAN card and make the transaction cashless to regulate illegal acts such as money laundering.' After the betting scandal and spot-fixing popped out in 2013, the Supreme Court of India asked Law Commission to come up with a report on 'legalizing betting and gambling'.

Other suggestions in this regard include betting websites shouldn't display objectionable/pornographic content on their platforms for promotion, risk-involved should be communicated properly, promoting responsible play and cap on number of transactions per each person for monthly, quarterly and yearly.

During IPL season in India, we get see our police teams busting several betting rackets across the nation as it's illegal and subject to prosecution, fine - but typically of small size.  Whereas, Betting and online gambling is currently legal in most of the western and middle-eastern countries