What's Holding KK Back?

What's Holding KK Back?

The former and last chief minister of the united Andhra Pradesh Kiran Kumar Reddy, who had launched Jai Samaikyandhra Party back in 2014 before general polls and tasted huge defeat, has finally shown his face to media after 4 years. Kiran, who had shifted his base to Bangalore in between, had returned in between and there were even rumours of his joining into the BJP. But Kiran had stayed silent all these 4 years. He is now back into limelight with several reports of his rejoining into Congress.

As per Congress leaders, Kiran has been re-invited into the Congress by party's seniors. Nonetheless Sonia Gandhi had recalled Kiran's last words to party people and had instructed the senior leaders to bring him back. Kiran told to have given his valuable advises to senior leader, but has kept the proposal to rejoin Congress on hold.

Former Kerala CM Oomen Chandy has opened in front of media that the party is inviting all its senior people and former leaders and also invited Kiran. He has openly stated that the ball is in Kiran's court.

When media asked Kiran about his response, Kiran said he would reveal his decision when the time comes. He has kept the media in guessing again. Kiran is said to be mulling over on his role and how he wants to take participate in the party. Earlier Kiran has advised senior Congress leaders to attack Opposition Jagan Mohan Reddy more than ruling Chandrababu as it was Jagan who fled away with the vote base of the Congress.

Looks like, Kiran is wanting to play a larger role in party in nominated posts at the moment. Let's wait to hear it from the horse's mouth.