World Update: Recovered Wuhan Patients Testing Positive Again!

World Update: Recovered Wuhan Patients Testing Positive Again!

If the latest reports are to be believed, in Wuhan, 3 to 10 percent of recovered patients and health workers have tested positive to the virus test, after recovering. There is an allegation that China is down-reporting the confirmed and death cases, and if the Wuhan patients testing positive after recovery is true, this is a bigger enemy the world is fighting with.

Though China first had a lot of positive cases, as large as 82,000, the country had deaths under 3500. But Italy with more than 93000 confirmed cases so far has high fatalities.

Italy has now the highest death toll due to the coronavirus in the world, with more than 10,023 deaths. The deaths on Friday were 919 and that was highest in one day while 889 passed away on Saturday. According to Italy's Civil Protection Agency, there has been an increase of 4400 cases on Saturday.

Italy has been warning the countries UK and USA to implement all possible measures to lockdown and social distancing to avoid the situation happening in Ital now. The total coronavirus cases in Italy, with deaths and recoveries, is 86,498. More than 6400 health care workers have been infected. The high mortality rate in Italy is analyzed to be due to the large elderly population and the improper method of testing.

On the other side, the USA has, so far, the highest number of confirmed Coronavirus cases, 105,470 with deaths more than 1700 by yesterday. Spain's death toll of Coronavirus is not any relieving as it reached nearly 6000 on Saturday with more than 830 patients dying in the last one day.

The total number of cases worldwide is more than 600,000 of which little above 131,000 people recovered completely from the virus infection and 28000 people lost their lives to the deadly virus.