Virus In US: More Than 95000 Positive Cases, 1400+ Deaths

Virus In US: More Than 95000 Positive Cases, 1400+ Deaths

The US tops the list with the highest coronavirus infected cases as per yesterday's reports and now the number is drastically going up. There are a total of more than 95,000 positive tested Coronavirus cases in the US and more than 1400 people died. Around 2500 have recovered completely from the virus infection.

While the health experts are warning of the peak is yet to come in the next three weeks with new epicenters like New Orleans, Chicago and Detroit after New York and New Jersey, The New York City itself has recorded more than 25,000 cases. Chicago is reportedly expecting 40,000 hospitalizations in the next 10 days.

The strict stay-at-home orders were issued only last week in many states and the positive cases are expected to go up in the next two weeks as many of them could have been already infected and waiting for the symptoms to show up.

According to the current data, hospitalization is about 19 percent worldwide and the fatality rate is between 1 to 3.4 percent. The New York officials are putting in efforts to expand the hospital capacity, as there is a need for at least 140,000 hospital beds while there are just 54,000 available now.

The number of people who are tested for coronavirus is more than 650,000 in all 50 states and New York is on top with more than 140,000 tests. 22 States have issued stay-at-home orders already and some other states will be enforcing the same from the weekend.