US: The Hot Spots Will Face Worse Next Week

US: The Hot Spots Will Face Worse Next Week

After New York, Florida and New Jersey are seen registering a large number of positive coronavirus cases every day, the places Detroit, Chicago, and New Orleans will be seeing the worse outbreaks next week, according to the health analysts. These are the hot spots of Coronavirus in the US now.

The Coronavirus has hit the world so hard that thirty percent of the world's population is restricted with lock-downs at this moment. The highest number of coronavirus cases was reported in the US as per yesterday, pushing China and Italy down.

While the US president is being criticized for speaking the opposite of what health professionals and experts have been cautioning about in every press conference, there are new hot spots emerging in the country.

Almost a million people were tested in the US, reportedly and the country has close to 84,000 cases across all the 50 states and more than 1200 people died, with around 400 just in New York. The US has tested the highest number of people so far, but the per capita is lower than that of South Korea.

With 3.3 million people claiming unemployment already, the number is going up from this highest number of jobless claims in history.