COVID-19 US: More Than 1000 Killed, Not The Peak Yet!

COVID-19 US: More Than 1000 Killed, Not The Peak Yet!

The number of deaths due to Coronavirus infections in the USA has reached to more than 1046, while the number of positive cases is more than 74,000. The increase in the number of positive cases is raising the tense among the hospital workers and officials as well. The highest numbers of deaths 223 in a single day, was reported on Wednesday.

The health experts in the US feel that this is not the peak in the number of infections or the deaths, but it is yet to come in three weeks.

The resources like ventilators, protective masks, and other critical equipment are limited and there is a need for defense and the federal government to act quickly upon providing the health equipment the sooner the possible. Health care workers in some regions have been punching holes in plastic office report covers and using string to tie through holes, to make protective masks.

Many health officials opine that the tests were not sufficient and they could not assess how dense the virus spread already and how many more positive cases are going to turn up in the coming weeks.

In New York, 13 patients died in the last 24 hours due to Coronavirus and in California, the number of cases is doubling every three days.