Big B deletes controversional Amavasya tweet after trolls

Big B deletes controversional Amavasya tweet after trolls

B-town superstar, Amitabh Bachchan, who posted a superstitious tweet on coronavirus pandemic, has gone to delete it after receiving brutal trolls. The actor claimed that Amavasya, the darkest day of the month, has the evil force at its maximum and making noises like clapping hands and clanging utensils at 5 pm on 22 March can help eradicate any virus or bacteria. Big B has unequivocally one of the highest number of followers among Indian celebrities.

While PM Modi asked to clap hands and make noise to boost the morale of health workers, Big B altered the whole meaning of the purpose. Coming this superstitious and irrational tweet from a big star like him made netizens furious. What Big B shared is a Whatsapp message and a few have also shared it on their social media handles. But, bigwig like Amitabh should have not as majority of people in today’s generation never believe in the theory of Amavasya or any superstitious stuff for that matter.

"An opinion given: 5 pm, 22nd March, "Amavasya," darkest day of month; virus, bacteria, evil force at max potential and power! Clapping, shankh vibrations reduce/destroy virus potency. Moon passing to new 'nakshatra' Revati. Cumulative vibration betters blood circulation." reads Amitabh tweet.

Users have shown outraged at his unscientific thinking. "Indian lives are at stake here and you need to be more responsible," tweeted satirist Varun Grover. Another user wrote Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Ryan Reynolds and Timberlake donates millions to fight Coronavirus and Amitabh is sharing WhatsApp forwards on Amavasya. What a shame".

In conclusion, topics like lunar phases, Amavasya, Purnima, auspicious or superstitious, all these are subjective and are of personal choice. It has a belief system and depends purely on an individual whether to follow or not. But, it is also best to not post such messages on the public domain to avoid less drama and controversies.