Coronavirus In USA: Trump Says It Is Going To Be Bad!

Coronavirus In USA: Trump Says It Is Going To Be Bad!

US President Donald Trump acknowledged the severity of Coronavirus spread and admitted that this is going to be certainly bad. The situation in the coming weeks is likely to worsen, according to the stats and reports.

Trump says that the numbers are going to increase and they are going to decrease. Anyway, the president did not give a timeline on where the social distancing orders would end in the United States.

According to the latest reports, more than 41,000 coronavirus tests have come back positive in the USA, while there were more than 313,000 tested on whole.

President Trump addressed the unavailability of face masks, hand sanitizers, and personal protective equipment and issued an executive order to prohibit the hoarding of medical equipment and treating supplies.

The new order won't affect Americans who have stocked on toilet paper and other necessities but will affect people who have stocked them on an industrial scale for a purpose to market them later for large profits.

Also, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning to supply millions of masks, as said by Trump. They will be shipped to the identified hotspots across the country.

Donald Trump addressed the ongoing racial slur and attacks that have been targeted on Asians in America with words like 'China Virus' and 'Chinese Virus'. Trump underlined that they are amazing people and spreading the virus is not their fault in any way, shape or form. He assured the importance to protect the 'Asian American community in the US and all around the world'.

Speaking about the stay-home orders, Trump says there is no clarity on yet but the decision will be made only after the end of the 15-day period, but he hoped that the US will be open for business, soon.  

The states New Mexico, Oregon, Ohio issued lockdown orders already. Pennsylvania issued a stay-at-home order for 7 countries. The hiking trails in Los Angeles country have been overcrowded even in this epidemic times and they were temporarily closed until further notice.

Florida governor ordered a self-isolation mandate for travelers from New York and New Jersey, as Florida already reported 1171 cases and 13 deaths in the state.

The state of Georgia shuts down bars and nightclubs from Tuesday and gatherings of more than 10 is prohibited.

Army field hospitals will be established in New York City and Seattle within the next 3 days, with 248 beds in each and 48 of them are ICU beds.

South Carolina also imposed restrictions on gatherings of 3 or more people yesterday. Kansan also brought orders to restrict gatherings and limit them to 10 people.