Corona Global Update: 6000 Deaths In Italy, 15K Worldwide, 520 In the USA

Corona Global Update: 6000 Deaths In Italy, 15K Worldwide, 520 In the USA

Coronavirus has been claiming more deaths every day, though the toll has gone down in China, Italy reached 6000 deaths by Sunday and the deaths worldwide are more than 15,000. 602 more deaths were reported in Italy on Monday with a 4800 new positive cases. The total number of cases in Italy reached 63000 yesterday.

With the total number of global cases 350,536 according to the data from Johns Hopkins University, the major cases are found across Europe and North America.

South Korea and Singapore managed to control and stabilize the outbreak without the lockdown so far and the infected-case numbers are considerably low there. South Korea's total infected cases reached 8961 with 64 news cases of Covid-19 reported.

India today declared lockdown in more than 30 states and union territories following the positive cases rise to 471 from 390, in one day. The USA too declared mandatory lockdown across many states. India and the USA being the large countries, had to go with methods like Lockdown. China too registered low numbers in the last five days only by implementing a strict lockdown.

In the USA, the virus is spreading at a rapid speed and it registered 100 deaths in one single day and a total of 520 deaths so far. New York state has most deaths in a single state with 157.

Admitting the positive cases in hospitals is one prime rule followed by all the countries now, which was ignored by Italy and Spain earlier, as they reportedly sent some of the patients for home quarantine.

China's National health commission reported that there were 39 new cases of which, all are imported and 9 deaths as of the end of Sunday.

The UK government is bringing the army to help deliver medical equipment to health workers who have been battling the outbreak. The army trucks would be carrying the masks, gloves, protective suits and safety glasses to the needy. The UK has a total of 5748 cases and 282 deaths so far.

Candaian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once again asked the Canadians who have been ignoring the social distancing importance, to go home and stay there. There are at least 1432 cases and 20 deaths in Canada.