Corona: Racism on North East Indians

Corona: Racism on North East Indians

From time immemorial, NorthEastern Indians have been facing racism and this revolting thing is not a novelty to us. Even though there are more than five races of people living in India (Australoid, Aryan, Afro-Asian, Mongaloid and Caucasoid), Northeasterners have been perpetually facing brutal racism.

Except for the Mongaloid race, almost all others are intermingled and can hardly distinguish between them. Which, in turn, makes other races think that Northeasterners are different from Indians.

It is really pathetic when it comes to racism inside India, as North-East Indians are the most ignored part in India.  Today, coronavirus has become the global health crisis and it is the time we all humans stay united to fight against the novel infection.

But, the latest viral picture shows regressive content. A Manipuri girl was called racial slurs by a man in Delhi and the news will leave you questioning about our morals.

The incident took place at Vijay Nagar in  Delhi where a girl hailed from Manipuri was spat on her shirt with chewed tobacco for her Chinese like looks. The middle-aged man, after spitting on her, shouted at her "Corona" before fleeing on his white scooter.

Since it was Janta curfew yesterday, the roads were deserted and hence, the man took an uncivilized move on an innocent girl. Delhi Police took cognizance of the matter and registered a case under section 509 of the Indian Penal Code against a man.