#Coronavirus: Indian Businessman donates Rs 100 cr

#Coronavirus: Indian Businessman donates Rs 100 cr

The Corona threat is going in the country. The Centre though is taking all measures, did not announce any concrete package to contain the spread of this pathogen.

And when it comes to this crisis sort of situation, big businessmen generally don't come forward to contribute their bit to the society. But the times are changing and we have two businessmen who have come out and pledged to donate.

Industrialist Anil Agarwal has announced that he has committed Rs 100 crore towards fighting the corona virus pandemic. "I am committing 100 cr towards fighting the Pandemic. #DeshKiZarooratonKeLiye is a pledge that we undertook & this is the time when our country needs us the most. Many people are facing uncertainty & I'm specially concerned about the daily wage earners, we will do our bit to help," tweeted Anil.

Then its Mahindra & Mahindra former chairman Anand Mahindra. He announced that all Mahindra resorts are ready to be converted into temporary facilities with immediate effect and he will donate his month's salary for the cause. Anand also said he would add more in the coming months.

However, these sort contributions are not enough as India has vast population. More and more billionaires should come out and help the common man.