Coronavirus: Ram Charan's message to his fans

Coronavirus: Ram Charan's message to his fans

Mega power star Ram Charan, who will celebrate his 35th birthday on March 27, this year, sends a message to his fans.

Just like every year, this year too, fans associations' have planned for a birthday bash in the name of Ram Charan and the party is usually filled with a traditional puja, cake cutting and gathering of ardent fans in a grand manner. However, the actor went on to request his fans to not celebrate his birthday this year keeping in mind the present health scenario.

As a precautionary measure to avoid the novel coronavirus, the government has ordered to skip or ban all the crowd gatherings and mass celebrations . And the ban makes sense from a public health perspective.

In the same manner, Ram Charan wrote in a letter, "I can totally understand how much you all love me and are looking forward to celebrating my birthday. But, today's unsual situation of coronavirus spreading rapidly across the country is making me request you all that let's avoid crowd gatherings at our best. Please register my word in your hearts and let us not celebrate my birthday this time to limit the peak of the pandemic. Instead, spread awareness to the public on its precautionary measures".

He added, "It will be the greatest birthday gift for me if my fans thoroughly incorporate all the social responsibilities pertinent to covid-19". As Charan quoted, let us all stay mindful in practicing social distancing and personal hygiene. As a bottom line, we also wish Charan a very happy birthday in advance.