Telugu Tv Shows 'Fun' Crossing Limits?

Telugu Tv Shows 'Fun' Crossing Limits?

Churning out comedy through satires is the newest trend being followed by many Telugu entertainment channels now. Irrespective of any situation, now every TV show producer wants to throw a satire through their anchors and generate laughs.

Especially some dedicated entertainment channels are coming up with reality shows that bring college students as the audience. And then they make few of the students as participants and end up making dark comedy on them. In that process, few anchors and shoemakers are forgetting ethics and basics too.

In one such program, the anchor asked the student, who is Bala Gangadhar Tilak. And the answers that have come from students are pretty hilarious for sure. One says that Tilak is the brother of his girlfriend and another one says that he's a senior director in Tollywood. One student added, "If a girl gives hand to the boy, it is Jhalak. But if a boy gives hand to the girl, it is Tilak".

And the innocent sounding satirical answers of students generated huge laughs and the lady anchor has literally blown the rooftop of the shooting spot away. But the worst thing is that, how come we make comedy on a freedom fighter like Bala Gangadhar Tilak who is renowned as the first leader of Indian Independence Movement?

Should we call these acts as innocence or ignorance? We may call both, but still, the program's writers, directors and the channels that telecast should take up moral responsibility before come up with such vulgar crap on television. No doubt, the situation is quite alarming and one has to react about it now.