Corona: Newborn baby tests positive

Corona: Newborn baby tests positive

With the rapid rise of numbers for Coronavirus cases all over the world, the youngest of all to be infected by the novel and deadly virus is a newborn baby from London.

The case has been reported in the UK with the newborn tested positive for coronavirus. It is said that the newborn's mother was taken to a hospital in London just a few days before giving birth as she was suspected of pneumonia.

The mother was tested positive for corona at North Middlesex hospital, in Enfield. But, the results came to light only after giving birth to the newborn. Soon after, the baby was also tested positive with Covid-19 in just a few minutes after its birth.

However, it is yet to learn whether the baby caught the virus in the womb or was infected during birth. Also, there is no confirmation or clinical evidence so far to indicate that the virus can be transmitted via breast milk.

At present, the baby is still under the treatment at the isolation room in the hospital and the mother has been transferred to a specialist infections hospital.

In a statement, North Middlesex university hospital NHS trust said: "Two patients at North Middlesex university hospital have tested positive for coronavirus. One has been transferred to a specialist centre and one is being treated in an isolation room".