'The Happiest Women Are Not The Married Ones'

'The Happiest Women Are Not The Married Ones'

The forty-six-year-old stunning Malaika Arora is now divorces and independent. She spoke on being happy, marriage and dating on the occasion of Women's day. The actress opined that the happiest women today are definitely not the married ones.

There are women who wish to go for big leaps in a career by giving less importance to personal life, as their achievements make them happier. There are women who get married at a young age and become mothers before they turn 30, and their happiness lies within how they lead their life as a mother and wife. There are women who balance their personal life and work life, whose happiness lies with the time they spend with the family.

But if we ask Malaika about the same, she underlines that the happiest women today are not the married ones. She feels that neither the women who earn good incomes nor with the best careers are the happiest. According to her, the women who could get over the past and who worked on their self-esteem are the happiest.

Malaika opines that a happy woman never plays a victim and she never whines in self-pity. The happiest woman moved past her anger, tears, and bitterness and realizes that happiness is a personal choice and responsibility. The ones who choose to be defined by their present is the happiest, but not the ones who would like to be in the past and defined by it.

Maliaka speaks out that the happy women need no one to throw shade on anyone for them to shine and they are happy because they chose to be Queens.  Maliaka stresses the need for self-love, personal choice and the responsibility that comes with difficult choices.

Not just advising, but Maliaka really has taken some bold decisions like getting divorced after many years of marriage and she is now dating a younger man, for which she never shied away from, in the gender centric society.