Chittoor: Death Punishment To Rapist & Killer of 6-yr girl

Chittoor: Death Punishment To Rapist & Killer of 6-yr girl

In a sensational verdict, Chittoor district court has pronounced death punishment to convict Pathan Mohammad Rafi in connection with the rape and brutal murder of 6-year-old girl that was occurred in November 2019. The Chittoor court has sent the judgement to High Court and said the date of execution would be decided by the High Court.

Chittoor district police said to have taken up the issue seriously and did a thorough investigation in the case and provided substantial evidence in short time against the convict Mohammad Rafi and filed a fool-proof charge-sheet in the case which made the job of the court easy. The court announced its judgement Under POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act). This is the first capital punishment in Chittoor district under POCSO Act. It can also be noted that AP state government has brought Disha Act for speedy investigation and verdict in rape cases.

Going into details, the victim had attended a wedding along with her parents on the fateful night of November 7. She was playing with some other girls in the function hall. Convict Rafi, a lorry cleaner, was in inebriated condition who gatecrashed the wedding and found his target - victim. He had clicked her pictures on his mobile and tried to play with her. The victim had fallen prey to the convict. When the girl went to the toilet alone, the accused had followed her and sexually assaulted and later killed and threw her body into the bushes behind the function hall. He had later had dinner as if nothing happened and left the place. The parents of the girl found her missing and lodged complaint with the police. She was found dead in the bushes behind the function hall, the following day i.e November 8.

The convict Pathan Rafi had a criminal track record. While he was studying his sixth class about 10 years ago, Rafi tried to sexually assault a 5-year old girl at Basinikonda in Chittoor district. Madanapalle Two Town police had then registered a case against him and he was sent to a juvenile home. He came out after spending two months in the juvenile home. This is not all. Rafi was also involved in another incident which happened about one-and-a-half years ago at Angallu village in Chittoor district. While working in a water plant, Rafi misbehaved with a 12-year-old girl, who is the daughter of a woman worker in a nearby nursery. The girl’s parents and local people thrashed him and asked him not to return to work in the water  plant. But no police complaint was given against Rafi, Chittoor SP had earlier informed media when he had produced him in front of media.

Considering his previous track record and the substantial evidence, Chittoor district court pronounced death punishment. In the wake up of death punishment to the convicts in Nirbhaya's rape and murder, Chittoor court's verdict is expected to garner national attention.