The Most Awaited Movie Of The Year

The Most Awaited Movie Of The Year

You have witnessed and experienced traffic jams on the roads and sometimes at airports and railway stations but can you imagine a traffic jam at a theatre. This does sound unusual but then such a thing is likely to happen on June 29th and the reason for that is the arrival of one film which has triggered the interest and curiosity of everyone.

It is the Bollywood movie 'Sanju' which is the biopic on the deadly Sanjay Dutt. This has become the nation's most awaited movie and the reason for that is director Rajkumar Hirani. Right from the start of his career, Rajkumar Hirani has come up with exceptional movies like 'Munnabhai' series, 'Three Idiots', 'Mission Kashmir', 'PK' and others.

While most of his movies took up a serious issue and presented them in a humorous and emotional manner, it was 'Mission Kashmir' which had a serious tone as it dealt with the backdrop of terrorism. Coming to 'Sanju's story most of it has been presented in a pathos format and Hirani has infused a fun tone in the whole treatment.

Wherever required, he created that right sentiment and this was evident with the trailer which came out. Given his past track record and his style of entertaining people, all are waiting for 'Sanju'. This has the young hunk Ranbir Kapoor who transformed himself to get inside the skin of Sanjay Dutt.

As such, Sanju Baba (as he is fondly called by the film fraternity) and his life has been a rollercoaster ride filled with drugs, failed marriage, imprisonment and dubious links with the underworld. Despite all the dark side, Hirani presenting it in an unexpected flavor is the catch point.