Hyd techie orders Biryani, loses Rs 50,000

Hyd techie orders Biryani, loses Rs 50,000

A Hyderabadi software engineer has lost a sum of Rs 50,000 for ordering a chicken biryani. Well you might wonder how this might have happened but it's the cyber criminals who have looted this techie.

Going into details, the software engineer who resides in Jubilee hills, ordered a biryani from the popular delivery app, Zomato. However, instead of biryani, Sambar rice got delivered to him. Fumed by this the techie searched for Zomato customer care number online and dialed them. But the dialed number belongs to cyber criminals.

Having got in contact with them, the techie asked for a refund and the cyber criminals assured that they would refund his Rs 200. This is where cyber criminals used their intelligence. During the conversation, the cyber criminals asked for the techie's PayTm details and after taking the details, they asked him to press 'Proceed to Pay' in the app. They bluffed him that there is a technical issue and the refund would be made in some time.

But after disconnecting the call, the techie learned that Rs 50,000 got deducted from his account. With no other option he filed a complaint with the cyber crime police. The cops appealed to the costumers that search for costumer care in the app and not online.

The police have registered this case under section 420 and IT Act 66c and 66D and are investigating the case.

Well, despite being a software engineer, he did not figure out that the costumer care number will be available in the app. The worst part is he lost Rs 50,000 just for ordering a biryani which he wanted to eat tummy full. Fate!