Pak singer hits back Congress on 'Padma Shri'

Pak singer hits back Congress on 'Padma Shri'

It is a usual practice for the government to announce 'Padma' awards a day before the Republic Day. This year too was routine and on Saturday the centre has announced the personalities who were rewarded with the prestigious award. But any were surprised by Pakistan singer Adnan Sami get 'Padma Shri.'

Of course Adnan Sami is Indian now but his roots are still Pakistan. The Congress party seems to find objection over this. Supreme Court Lawyer and National Spokesperson-Indian National Congress, Jaiveer Shergill took to his Twitter handle and accused Adnan Sami of doing 'Chamchagiri' to get this award.

"Kargil war veteran and retired army officer Mohammad Sanaullah who fought for India declared 'foreigner' after #NRC and #adnansami whose family fought against India honored with Padma Shri - This is the magic of #NRC & Govt Chamchagiri," wrote Jaiveer in his Twitter.

This did not go down well with Adnani Sami. "Don't 'Uncle' me NOW & talk nonsense about knowing 'Indian' culture NOW when in ur statement u hv d audacity of using uncouth words such as 'Chamchagiri' which speaks volumes of ur lack of 'culture' & disregard 4 any form of respect 4 elders which is d ESSENCE of INDIAN CULTURE!!," replied the singer.

Yet this banter did not end. Jaiveer and Sami continued to exchange their voice on this topic. Hope, they settle the issues at the earliest.