Meet Vyommitra, India sending this Lady robot to space

Meet Vyommitra, India sending this Lady robot to space

The first woman astronaut to travel into space from India will be a young woman named Vyom Mitra. She (a half-humanoid) will ride in the first test flight of the human space mission, Gaganyaan and can mimic human actions. The pictures and videos of Vyom Mitra has been unveiled by ISRO yesterday and ever since then, they went viral, leaving Indians elated and proud.

Vyom is seen seated at a desk donning a uniform and also wears a name identity badge on her. The body is seen only until the torso and has no legs. The young woman is now creating ripples of sensation on social media and she introduced herself to ISRO Chairman K. Sivan and Principal Scientific Adviser K.VijayRaghaban at the symposium on human space flight.

"I am Vyom Mitra," the half-humanoid speaks. "I can do switch panel operations, ECLSS [environment control and life support systems] functions, be a companion, converse with the astronauts, recognise them and also respond to their queries," she tells about her functionality.

Before August 2022, where real astronauts will take off to space, Dr.Sivan said that Vyom humanoid will simulate the human functions required. There will be two trial flights without crew members and it will take place in the presence of this humanoid. The first trail will be around December 2020 and the second around July 2021.

The duty of the humanoid in the unmanned mission is to find out how real astronauts will respond to living outside earth in controlled zero-gravity conditions. She can detect and give out warnings if environmental changes within the cabin get uncomfortable to astronauts and change the air condition. With this move, ISRO is only making us proud a bit more and we wish good luck for its future endeavours.