US: Visa Restrictions On Pregnant Women

US: Visa Restrictions On Pregnant Women

Amid Impeachment and tiff with middle east countries, Trump's government is going to be stringent than ever with the immigration laws, as the US government is already imposing strict laws against immigrant visas.

In another shocking movie, the US government is all set to launch a visa restriction on pregnant women planning to travel to the US, from Friday. 'Birth Tourism' is about women traveling to the United States to give birth so their children will be having a US passport and birthright citizenship.

Recently, the US President Donald Trump tried to put an end to the constitutional rule of birthright citizenship to anyone who was born on US soil but had to back off due to protest from the members of his own administration. Now, by evoking the restriction on visas of pregnant women to stop 'birth tourism', Trump would be barricading the birthright citizenship, in one way.

Birth tourism is a large business in the US and many other foreign countries with agencies charging up to USD 80K to provide medical care, hotel rooms and other facilities for the women who travel from to the US. A large number of women travel from Russia and China to the US on birth tourism every year.

Though the officials at consulate do not have the right to ask of a woman is pregnant or intends to become, but they would have to determine if the woman is planning to visit the US to give birth. According to a study and stats from 2012, as many as 36000 foreign-born women visited the US, gave birth and then left the country.

Well, the practice of visiting the US to give birth is fundamentally legal, but the govt is going to act strongly upon the birth tourism agencies and operators based on charges of visa fraud or tax evasion.

Many government officials and celebrities from India too used this trick in getting the US passports and birthright citizenship for their children, which no longer be so easy with new laws.