Rs 12 lakh worth of notes destroyed by rats

Rs 12 lakh worth of notes destroyed by rats

This is a story of an ATM, group of rats and trail of torn notes worth 12 lakhs.

An ATM in Tinsukia district of Assam witnessed shredded 500 and 2000 notes on 11th June after a few repairmen arrived at the outlet to fix the machine. Reportedly, the torn notes are worth 12 lakhs and knowing this, people who walked in to withdraw cash were in for a shock.

From May 20th, this ATM outlet has been shut down due to some technical glitch and only a day before that (i.e 19th May), Rs 29 lakhs has been deposited by Guwahati-based financial company Global Business Solutions which runs the ATM.

After the repairmen unbolted ATM, they were shocked to see torn notes inside the machine. According to officials, the destroyed notes are worth Rs 12,38,000 and remaining 17 lakhs were untorn and ready-to-use. Since several people raised doubts rose over this mysterious episode, a FIR has been lodged at Tinsukia Police Station and an investigation is underway to find out whether it's really a rat-attack. People in town are still doubtful because the ATM was shut down from 20th May to 11th June and why it took so long for the repairmen to fix it.

Few people who walked in to withdraw cash also reveal that they had sensed rat-smell.