Iran's Missile Shot Ukraine Flight By Mistake?

Iran's Missile Shot Ukraine Flight By Mistake?

The Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 crashed near Tehran airport killing all 176 passengers in it. The reason for the Boeing's crash is no known till yesterday, but according to the US intelligence officials word, it is 'highly likely' that Iran might have shot it down with one of those surface-to-air missiles.

Iran's missiles were likely active at the time of this plane crash and the defense officials opine that it was shot down by accident. Iran fired a barrage of Soviet-built ballistic missiles at US bases at the same time in retaliation to the US's drone strike killing Qassem Soleimani last week.

 According to the news reports, the US intelligence found some signals of radar turned on and the satellite detected two infrared blips hinting them as missiles and the last blip minutes after it, suspected to be of the explosion.

US President Donald Trump too made a comment on this tragic incident, saying he has hot his own suspicions. Trump's words meant that he thinks Iram may have mistakenly shot it down.

'Somebody could have made a mistake, and it was flying in a pretty rough neighborhood, though some think it a mechanical failure, we cannot say anything yet until Boeing gets the BlackBox and reveal the reasons' said Donald Trump.