Look Who Cancelled Tickets for Chhapaak!

Look Who Cancelled Tickets for Chhapaak!

Deepika Padukone expressed her support and solidarity to the JNU students protesting the CAA and the masked goon-attack the other day by visiting the protest place.

This has not gone well with many and they called for the boycott of Deepika's latest release Chhhapaak. Starting yesterday morning, there were hundreds of tweets coming up showing the screenshots of canceled tickets for the Chhapaak movie show.

Their trails to bluff and influence people to cancel the tickets of Chhapaak movie seem to have backfired when logical Indians realized that all the tweets have the same screenshot. Every Tweet has the screenshot of 3 tickets canceled for the same time, show and seats from Akota in Vadodara, leaving it a mere forward tweet with #BoycottChhapaak.

The joke is that all the people who tweeted the canceled the tickets are from different parts of India who booked tickets for Chhapaak in Gujarat and canceled them later!

Deepika Padukone never feared away even when the extremists threatened her to cut nose and when BJP politician puts a bounty on her head, during the Padmaavat release. These boycott threats on her Chhapaak cannot really damage her image or her movie.