Ukraine Plane Crash Turns Mysterious

Ukraine Plane Crash Turns Mysterious

Like many plane crashes, the recent Ukranian Airlines plane crash appears to remain a mystery. The Ukranian plane 737-800 Boeing crashed near Tehran airport in Iran killing nearly 180 people and the reasons for the crash are still not known while both the countries chose to remain mum.

Amid the near war-atmosphere prevailing with the United States of America and Iran's exchange of attacks, the Ukranian plane crash garnered multiple speculations far away from calling it an accident. Giving strength to those, the Iranian government reportedly refused to hand over the black box to the Boeing.

Ukraine in its first remark admitted the engine failure to be the reason behind the fatal crash and ruled out missile attack or any kind of terror attack as reason, but now revoked those words calling them unofficial. They reissued the statement, this time without the word 'Engine Failure'. The latest the Ukraine Prime Minister says is they do not know the exact reason for the crash yet and they will be investigating to get clarity on this.

On the other side, Boeing company revealed that they checked the flight two days ago and found everything fine then. The Boeing manufactured it in 2016 and handed it over to the airlines. The technical maintenance was conducted on January 6th.

In the crash, the foreigners were more in number than that of Ukrainians. Among the passengers, 82 were from Iran, 63 from Canada, 10 from Sweden, 11 Ukrainians, 4 Afghans, 3 from Britain and 3 were from Germany.  

The flight lost its contact with ATC in minutes after takeoff for which Iran responded that the plane was completely burnt only after it crashed. But videos show the fire on plane while it was still in the air, leaving the crash a mystery with contradictory statements all over.