Bigg Boss Abusive Contestant Turns Violent, Assaults A Girl

Bigg Boss Abusive Contestant Turns Violent, Assaults A Girl

Bigg Boss and controversies go hand in hand. Bigg Boss Telugu just had three seasons and all the controversy here lied within the voting, winning and of course the host. Bigg Boss in Hindi is not the same, but many levels ahead of that of other seasons, in maturity, tasks, and controversies too.

The latest season of Bigg Boss in Hindi is in discussion for yet another controversy, in which one of the participants Siddharth Shukla physically assaulted and threatened a fellow participant Shehnaaz Gill. The video of him abusing her has gone viral and people on social media started condemning it.

The video shows pure harassment and abuse, while the other participants, Bigg Boss objected to his behavior, nor he was pushed out of the house. While this becomes a serious offense outside the house in the eyes of law, many wonder how a participant can get away assaulting someone in a brutal way and above that, the video is being shown as content in promos!

The two in the video were in a romantic relationship and Shehnaaz too slapped Siddharth Shukla earlier. While it is a way to attract viewers through controversies, encouraging violence and bullies in the house in the name of 'reality show' is not acceptable.

Fans of Bigg Boss raised objections and questions on Twitter, asking how violence can be promoted as entertainment and suggested the man in the video to get some professional help.