Disha's autospy reports confirm alcohol intake

Disha's autospy reports confirm alcohol intake

The brutality in Hyderabad Vet doctor Disha's rape and murder case is something we cannot digest ever. One by one, the intricate details of that horrific night, Nov 27, are being exposed, and it will only give you chills and wrench your heart hearing the disturbing updates.

The latest autopsy report of victim Disha has confirmed the presence of alcohol in her body and the Shadnagar police presented the remand case diary before a court. The report said the four accused forced the veterinary doctor to consume alcohol mixed with a soft drink while raping her.

It is upsetting to even imagine that Disha had to go through forceful intake of alcohol, besides the physical, mental and emotional trauma in just a span of few minutes. She later also suffered suffocation when accused closed her mouth and nose while raping.

The liver tissue of Disha contained alcohol traces which downright proved that she was forced to drink alcohol. On the other hand, Disha's parents confirmed that their daughter was a 'teetotaler'. The Telangana Forensic Science Laboratory has submitted the toxicology report to Shadnagar police, who is investigating the rape and murder of the 27-year-old Disha.

Apart from this, the cops also received another FSL report that shows the seminal stains on Disha's undergarments and scarf belonged to the accused.