Nirbhaya convicts to be hanged on same date of the rape?

Nirbhaya convicts to be hanged on same date of the rape?

Justice for Nirbhaya is a long-pending and most-awaited justice as it been nearly seven years. Finally, the convicts have a high-probability of hanging on December 16, that is, in the next five days. Dec 16 marks as the same day that the horrific incident of brutally raping Nirbhaya in Delhi local bus took place.

Nirbhaya rape case has shaken every single individual in the country with its cruel plotting and brutal levels of raping a Delhi-based 23-year-old in 2012. The crucial decision today of Nirbhaya's convicts probably hanging on the same day on which the abusive act was done is being highly laudable. Though the date of execution is fixed, the news from the jail administration has not confirmed this yet.

It is reported that Vinay Sharma, one of accused, has sought immediate withdrawal of his mercy plea from President Ram Nath Kovind, saying that it was sent without his consent. It was forwarded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which was sent by Tihar jail authorities initially. Vinay called it a criminal conspiracy and sought withdrawal. Also, the Union Home Ministry on Friday recommended President to dismiss the mercy petition of Vinay Sharma. No matter what, by rejecting mercy petition of rapists and hanging them on 16th at 5 AM is indeed good news. However, a few people argue that Md Afrozà°°, one of the convicts who was juvenile at the time of the incident is no longer a minor now and he needs to be hanged as well.

The recent Hyderbad's horrific rape case of Disha has, in fact, became a trigger point in most of the reported rape cases across nation and public started protesting in an uncontrollable manner. The Telangana cops have definitely set a bar now with their immediate justice for Disha. Now, in Delhi's Nirbhaya case, one of the accused's mercy petition has been rejected and the government is pushing the justice on a fast track. Last year, in December, Nirbhaya's parents approached the court to fast-track the procedure to hang all four convicts in their daughter's case.

Delhi court has now directed Tihar jail authorities to produce convicts before Dec 13 in order to appraise the court about the status of their petitions. On the other hand, jail authorities are also busy preparing for the execution as Buxer jail, known for presenting hanging ropes was asked to dispatch 10 hanging ropes by tomorrow.  It is also reported that there is no executioner at the moment and officials are travelling other places in search of the executioner.

On December 16, 2012, six men raped Nirbhaya in a moving bus in Delhi. One of the six convicts was a minor who has now been released and is leading a life of anonymity. Also, one of the accused Ramsingh committed suicide in Tihar itself. Now after seven years, the remaining four convicts may be sentenced to death soon.