What is 'Le Bal' all about? Why star kids make a debut there?

What is 'Le Bal' all about? Why star kids make a debut there?

The latest pictures of Anil kapoor's brother-actor Sanjay Kapoor's daughter Shanaya Kapoor, where she wore a princess-like red gown is doing rounds on the internet. The beautiful scarlet-red outfit that Shanaya wore is worth drooling over as she went to make a debut at le Bal des Debutantes 2019 on December 1.

But, what is actually Le Bal event? Most of us are hearing the name for the first time or hardly know what happens inside the event. Well, Le Bal des Debutantes is the world's most high-profile ball event which happens every year on the Thanksgiving weekend in Paris. It was first invented by a publicist, Ophelie Renouard in 1992.

Le Bal is nothing but a modern version of the 18th-century English tradition of the debutante ball, a ball-event where young girls were introduced into high society. Le Bal invites 20 to 25 glamorous young girls every year from about 12 countries, all of them hailing from aristocrat and famous families across the globe, like an amalgamation of top-notch industrialists, royalty and celebrities.

All the young ladies, called a debutante, wears haute couture gowns from the coveted racks of the world's most celebrated designers. Since, it is an invite-only ball, Renouard personally invites the girls, aged 16 to 22, from a list of potential candidates. In 2001, Laxmi Dalamal became the first-ever Indian to represent the country at le Bal. From then, nearly 15 Indian debutantes have attended the prestigious event. The recent  Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor's daughter Shanaya Kapoor made the country and her parents proud by taking part in le Bal.

Shayanaya wore red Lecoanet Hemant gown, with a plunging neckline and ruffle details. In 2017, Ananya Panday, made a debut in the event. Also, Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda was supposed to make her debut at the event in 2015, but couldn't make it because of the terror attacks in Paris. Princesses from Indian royal families like Akshita Bhanjdeo, Adishree Singh and Gauravi Kumari have also made their debuts besides Leana Mallya, Isha Ambani, Shloka Birla.