Honeytrap: K'nataka Cops find 7 Big Politicians Video On Hard Disk

Honeytrap: K'nataka Cops find 7 Big Politicians Video On Hard Disk

Just six days left for by-polls, a honeytrap case has come to limelight involving influential people like leaders of famous political parties. Those who involved are also those who are contesting the polls, but hard luck, they are interwoven with the fresh controversy. It is reported that the Bengaluru police have a harddisk, ceased by the Crime Branch, with them which may have recordings of seven leaders in the honeytrap case.

This comes after the arrest of the kingpin Raghavendra alias Raghu, Pushpa and Pushpavathi. (who blackmailed North Karnataka MLA with explicit video). Now, the cops have the video ceased from them and it has a few detailed clippings of seven other political leaders apart from the MLA from North Karnataka. All the videos have been recording from 2017 to 2018 period.

"We are investigating the case and not much can be revealed at this stage," said a senior investigating official. But, cops said that they also have a few photographs, WhatsApp messages, phone call details which have been exchanged between the accused and the victims. It all started with North Karnataka MLA filing a complaint stating that he got calls from Raghavendra who claimed to have videos of him with a girl. He also threatened the MLA by demanding him to pay Rs 50 crore or else would make the video viral.

The Crime Branch, after investigation, found that Raghavendra is a resident of Shivamogga and a BCom graduate. He also had a cyber-criminal history. His girlfriend is Pushpavathi, a beautician. A gang has formed with this couple and their friends like Pushpa, Rakesh and few others.

All of them would trap political leaders by recording their private moments and blackmail them. Many instances earlier showed that out of fear, some politicians even paid huge amounts to them. "One MLA has even paid Rs 45 lakh to Raghu through RTGS," said a source.

The gang first traps MLAs with Raghu making friends with them at the Legislators Home. Later, brings Pushpa and a few other girls claiming that they are new to the city, who came for higher studies and need shelter. Meanwhile, phone numbers would be exchanged in which the girls would befriend the MLAs and offer sexual favours.

"They would book rooms in posh hotels and meet the girls there. The girls would hide cameras in their handbags or sunglasses and record the whole 'act'. They would then send a clipping of the DVD and blackmail the leaders for money," said the officer.

Till now, the cops have seized a hard disk, a computer, pen drives, mobile phones and hidden cameras from the gang and have submitted it to the 1st ACMM court in Bengaluru. Currently, the investigation is still on to find out if there are any other businessmen or lawmakers involved or honey-trapped by the gang.