Hear, here. A Self-help to end sexual violence!

Hear, here. A Self-help to end sexual violence!

You are walking alone in the night.......

No one is around.....

But you see a gang.... The scary, greedy and suspecting kind of gang....

They duct tape your hands, yell at you to kneel down....

"Get into the vehicle or I will kill you...."

"Your body shuts working, gets numb, heart pounds"

"You'll never see your families again..." You may die!

This is the outline of most sexual assaults and rape cases. But, lets put an end to it. We are not someone who wants to freeze, go numb and acquiesce. Yes, you are unaware and unprepared. But, we are living in a world where even two months old babies and newly born dogs are being sexually assaulted by humans.

The horrendous gang rape and murder case of Dr Priyanka Reddy yesterday is leaving everyone to ponder where are we heading to. The society tells a lot about people's mentalities these days and each of these cases makes us hang our heads down in shame.

Yesterday's case shows CCTV footages of victim Priyanka Reddy in churidar, with a scarf covering her face. The case is enough to tell that subjecting or restricting our daughters to wear proper clothes or preaching that revealing outfits cause rapes is utter nonsense. In spite of many unforgettable gang rapes like Nirbhaya, yesterday the drunk imbeciles brutally raped Priyanka and burnt her body, portraying the wildest barbaric nature of perpetrators.

Keeping the cruel realities of today's world in mind, one should remember that dialling 112, India's all-in-one emergency helpline, is highly beneficial. Be it eve-teasing, accidents, murders or sexual assault, it is advisable to set 112 helplines as your emergency number on mobiles. In much distress situations, a person can press the power button three times to dial 112 on their smartphones directly.

ERSS (Emergency Response Support System) is a great way to save our lives in any given situation and we wish yesterday's victim Priyanka remembered to call  112, which would have saved her life today. With the stretching list of gang rape cases, it is essential for women to have SHE team numbers and 112 helplines on their mobile. Instead of living in a false hope that things will change in the society or someone will come and help you out, save the numbers right away and live a safe life.

Whenever you feel like you are an easy victim, instead of getting panicked, relax and first approach police, or else, dial She Team or helpline numbers. Yesterday's case of Priyanka brings in precaution alerts among women today. Priyanka called her sister and spoke about the critical condition of her surroundings. Similarly, call 112 or SHE teams and get the much-needed.

The sexual offence is committed against a child in India every 15 minutes and we believe every daughter of India should be taught the barbaric side of our society. Teach them from a very young age. Fight-Run-Defend-Call for help!