PM Modi takes bath at airport, doesn't book luxury hotels

PM Modi takes bath at airport, doesn't book luxury hotels

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is often blamed for his frequent foreign visits and how they might drain our economy, reveals the inside story that the PM focus more on cutting extra price solely spent on him. With spending less money as a priority, the technical halts of Modi's foreign visits have a few details that the country must know.

It is revealed that Modi opts to take accommodation or take a shower at airport terminals instead of staying in luxury five-star hotels overnight. The deets have been disclosed by Home Minister Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. "In his personal and public life, PM Modi has followed a very disciplined regimen. For instance, whenever PM Modi goes on a state visit abroad, he takes less than 20 per cent staff with him. Similarly, for the official delegation, he has discouraged using a large number of cars. Earlier officials were using separate cars. and now they use a bus or a large vehicle," he said.

Amit Shah also spoke on the ongoing debate on the Special Protection Group (Amendment) Bill, 2019. He said security cover of SPG has been misused on various occasions by the Gandhi family but PM Modi, who has been provided state security for the past 20 years, has never flouted the security blue book.

"For some, security cover has been a status symbol. For some, security has become a trivial issue where norms are violated at will. But let's follow the example of Modiji who adheres to the security norms and protocols," the Home Minister said.

Modi saving millions by using airport loos and low-budget accommodations has set tough norms. However, trolls are ever-ready to hit back at almost everything. Trolls claim that Modi uses 200 million worth aircraft to fly to a foreign country but used airport bathrooms sound a bit strange. One user wrote why can't Modi fly a simple business class if he is keen on saving money.