Missing Nithyananda Appears On YouTube Live Videos

Missing Nithyananda Appears On YouTube Live Videos

The self-styled and self-proclaimed godman Swami Nithyananda's case is getting stronger, peculiar, and controversial with each passing day.  A few days ago, the rape accused Nithyananda's two disciples have been taken into the custody by the Ahmedabad police after raiding the Ashram there. It is reported that Nithaynanda and his two female disciples allegedly abused three minor children at Hirapur Ashram in Ahmedabad.

Not only abuse, the allegations of kidnap, locked up and child labour have been made on Swami and disciples and to much surprise, it is also revealed that the children were beaten and verbally abused. The Gujarat court even said that the kids were brainwashed and tortured. While police are looking to redhandedly catch Nithaynanda, on the other hand, his videos are appearing on Youtube with unknown place and location.

The godman was accused of a rape case in 2010 and now kidnap case in 2019 and police who are putting sedulous efforts in searching him finds Nithyananda's youtube channel uploading daily updates of his sermons videos. Cops are trying to find out from where these videos are being updated as there is no clue shown in the video too. The background  shows Nithyananda sitting in front of an artificial space backdrop,  talking about Hinduism. He also spoke on how there are 'external forces' who are now 'harassing' him.

Today, at 1.30 pm on YouTube, Nithyananda went live and the video tells, 'Some people against me, they are looking for me, but I am in the Himalayas, in Kailasa.' In another video, he claims, 'I am Parama Shiva. Understand, no stupid court can prosecute me for revealing the truth.'  The last week's video shows him asking his 'devotees' if they know any place in the world where Nithyananda will not be 'harassed like this.'

However, none of the videos shows any clue or indication of his location. Gujarat police believe that Nithyananda may be hiding somewhere in South America as per the investigation. The daily updates on his YouTube channel is leaving police and the public perplexed.