NRI Rapes Woman In NYC, Jailed For 25 Years

NRI Rapes Woman In NYC, Jailed For 25 Years

The 58-year-old Ashok Singh, an Indian-origin man, who has been residing in New York City for a long time has been convicted of raping a local woman. It is reported that Singh attacked her after assisting the lady to find a shelter in the Queens neighbourhood.

Ashok Singh was found guilty of rape and unlawful imprisonment following a two-week-long trial. The court's District Attorney John Ryan stated that the Indian man will face up to 25 years in prison. The incident took place in 2015 when Singh met the woman victim who was looking for a rental apartment.

He offered to help her in finding a place to stay. Within four days span, he phoned the victim and informed that he had found a place and she can immediately move in. After moving in, Singh went to a supermarket to bring groceries and some wine. He returned to the lady's apartment and when the 40-year-old woman refused to drink alcohol along with him, Singh went out of control and threw her on the bed, followed by a brutal rape.

Soon after, Singh fell asleep and the victim escaped from the house to contact a friend for help. With the help of her friend, the cops were notified and the victim was treated at an area hospital. The cops also revealed that Ashok Singh called the woman when she was at the hospital and left a voicemail message stating that he was sorry and he would never do it again.

In thorough investigation and sexual assault evidence collection exam, Singh's DNA has matched the woman's vaginal swabs at the hospital. With the trust, she had on him, comes the unexpected crime. However, it is laudable that the woman, in spite of going through the trauma, came out bravely and looked for the solution. And, Ashok, who has now been left as a disgrace to the motherland, is battling against strong laws behind the bars.